Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny Day Sunday

Because it was Sunny like LA, I was inspired by my favorite reality show star, Lauren Conrad. I love her and I really like her style! That's why I'm always watching The Hills back then. She is so chic as always. 

Here's what I wear today in church.

UST is now celebrating their 400 years of unending grace

After hearing the mass, we had our lunch at Shakey's near our apartment.

That is my sister Donna. Starving and irritated that time. EASY!!

And we bought bibingka in Andoks for merienda before going home.
(yum yum :D)

I wish my Mama and Papa are here in Manila, I miss them. But they have to stay in our place (Bicol) for work. Hope you guys had a good Sunday too! 

xx -D

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  1. aww this is a nice post!:D i love LC, she's always so gorgeous:)


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