Friday, March 11, 2011

My birthday is just around the corner

I over slept the last Wednesday night. Sleeping since 8:30pm and woke up at 10:30am.
I jump out of bed and felt dizzy. When I went down to wash my face, I saw this little envelope on the floor in front of our door from afar. I knew that it wasn't a monthly bill because of it's size.

And yeah, I got surprised that it was for me. :)

Thanks Chili's Family in Greenhills for the greeting card. And they gave me that free Bufallo Wings or Cripsy Calamari coupon for my birthday. YEHEY!!
 My sister and I really love Chili's. Actually I've been to their 4 branches except for the one located in ATC. 
Woot!! So excited to use it. :P

     P.S -I'm getting older next month


  1. hahaha so is mine :P LUCKY YOU!

  2. Getting older by age, but getting prettier and wiser each year. ;)

    Roughly a 30 days na lang, Birthday mo na.

    The countdown begins...

  3. wooow! did you sign up or something for them to know your bday? :D and happy bday :)


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