Friday, April 8, 2011

3rd Day: Hometown Tour

On the third day, we just decided to go around Daet, Camarines Norte. 
Joyce and I want them to see and experience the place we grew up to.
Our town is just small, so its kinda easy to see the important places like "Unang bantayog ni Rizal, our provincial capitol, etc".

But before we start the sight seeing, we need to load up ourselves with energy drink, 1st day to 2nd day was tiring. And this tour needs a lot of walking.

First stop, our provincial capitol. Haha, I know I look like a tourista too. Feeling lang! You knew me.
 Me, Sandra and Onin
Then to the first ever bantayog ni Rizal
 After doing this hippie thing, we brought them to our school CNSC-LHS, then we showed to Sandra the NOVO store. She didn't have any idea what was Novo all about because she grew up in Manila. So we said, it was like Zara, where you can find variety of jeans and basic shirts. LOL! :))

After all the walks and goofing around on some stores. We got tired and hungry, it means eating time. We had our merienda at KSarap. It's one of the favorite restaurant in Daet. The place is cool and refreshing. There are sounds of running water and a lot of plants in the surroundings.
 See, the light was very good.
This is Onin's camera. I want a handy cam too!

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