Monday, May 7, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Additional one year to my age last month. I turned 22 last April 22, 2012. Sorry for the late post.  We had a problem with our internet connection recently. But I'm very thankful that I'm still breathing and kicking. 
We celebrated my birthday at Chef Mama, a restaurant in Daet, Camarines Norte, same place with my 21st birthday, I blogged about it last year. If you wanna see the difference with me from 2011 to 2012 birthday. CLICK HERE. You the one to judge. :)
Here is what I am telling you from my last post SPECIAL. The skirt that I bought from H&M Conscious Collection. The weather that day was torturing. So I just paired the skirt with my so old plain white tank top. I think I need a new one.
It was just a small family gathering. Last year my Kuya Joman wasn't there. This year year we became bigger but no Kuya Jason of ( and Ate Cocoy. Sayang!! The food was great, I swear! With a very reasonable price. You can check their facebook site HERE.


  1. Diana! i just found yer Blog! i love it! am so happy to know there's another blogger in TTD. :D

    Lemme greet you again...Happy Birthday! hehe

    I love yer outfit soo sexy!
    That's two thumbs up and a follow!


    1. OMG!! I didn't know that you're a blogger too! COOL!!

      Thanks for the greetings and I will absolutely follow you back in Google connect or bloglovin'

      See you soon! XO :)


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