Friday, May 11, 2012


My brother invited us last Sunday to go out with them. We had lunch at Chocolate Kiss Cafe in UP Diliman. I didn't know they have hidden cafes like that inside the university. After eating a delightful Chicken Kiev, we had a walk on the beautiful road full of Acacia trees which they close for vehicles to give way for joggers, skaters or anything you want to do. Next time we'll try to do a picnic there, I will push it, it will be fun for sure!
We also hear mass at their parish church, with the shape of a circle. After it we straightly go to the isawan. I don't usually eat those kind of food. But I think it was part of my UP trip. So I just ordered 4 sticks while other people are eating 10-15 sticks. Kaloka! And look at Mang Larry's stall, so sosyal, with LED lights signage.

By the way it was my first time to wear a maxi dress on a casual day, dream come true for me. I got it from Forever21.

photos by Donna

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