Thursday, June 7, 2012

WACOAL Be Body Beautiful

Ever since I came to the point of puberty, I experienced a lot of changes in my body. I can
lose weight easily and can gain a lot in just a couple of days, maybe it's because of my slow
metabolism. So I have to control and monitor what I eat. When I was still in High School, I have
many extra curricular activities like, I am a twirler (I don't know if you guys know that but it's a
girl holding a baton and twirling it while in a parade) Yes, I am one of them before. I'm thin way
back because of the tiring parade on our whole town Daet. We had practice everyday so I stayed
thin even I ate 1-2 cups of rice every meal. I'm also a volleyball player on our batch, so I'm a
little bit active during those times.

After four years of being a high school student in the province, my parents sent me to Manila for
college. I enrolled as a nursing student in Centro Escolar University. I can say that everything
changed! From living in a house with your parents and maid, in college I just lived with my
siblings, it was like living alone. Everything is on my own! Parents just sent us money through
ATM and I am the one who will budget it. I woke up with the help of my alarm clock, prepare
my food on my own. Since college is hectic, I don't have time to cook food. In the morning I
just eat sandwich. I spent my whole day in school, I eat lunch at school also. What was so hard
in University belt, all of the popular fast food chains are just around the corner. McDonalds on
the right, Jollibee and Greenwich on the left, KFC in front, plus cafeteria inside the school. As a
nursing student, you really need to eat so your brain will work. We usually had one hour break
so we always in hurry. So my classmates and I always end up eating on those fast food chains,
that served unhealthy foods. There, I started to gain weight. After one semester, I went home
for the sem break. Everyone is saying and asking. "Tumaba ka Diana." "Anong nangyari sayo,
bakit tumaba ka ng ganyan?" "Ang taba mo na, di ka na maganda." Everyone was shocked and
not used to it. I got really conscious and started to reduce. I cut down my food especially the rice.
Fortunately I lose weight little by little. I didn't got my high school like body anymore. But I'm
not thin and I'm not fat for the rest of college years. I'm happy and confident with my size.

Being a curvy fashion blogger while studying. I definitely love dressing up. But fashion and
styling isn't just about the outer wear, underwear is every important also. I know undergarments
is pricey, but I tried to buy different kinds of panties and brassieres. I read some magazines
and those magazine taught what bra is good and what I need. I confess that I'm 34-C. I bought
tshirt bra that I can use everyday. I also bought bra that I can make strapless for tube tops, criss
cross for racerback tops and asymmetric for venus cut. I almost forgot sports bra that is very
important when I'm jogging, playing lawn tennis and volleyball. Let's move to the panty part, I
prefer cotton underwear for everyday use because it's comfortable and that part can breath. But
I bought also other type like seamless that I can use for bodycon dress that use going to parties,
so no fat is bulging. I have boyleg type and use it when I'm wearing flowy skirts. Through the
years Wacoal mastered it. There's a lot of trends coming and blogger like me keep on updating
my closet. The trend sheer is so in right now, sheer means its see through, so a good pair of bra
or bandeau that have full cap that can cover my breast is important. We are in Philippines, and
many people stay conservative and not use to see through pieces.

I'm 22 years old right now and I still experience changes in my body and choosing the right kind
of Wacoal underwear can make my body feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

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