Thursday, August 23, 2012


After I met and became friends with this guy who skate, he showed me a lot of videos about skating. I said I don't like skate boarding, all I want is ice skating. I know I'm "pa-girl" forever, but deep inside I really got curious and interested about it. How they can slide, flip, and fly from a high surface to the floor. They're amazing! I never tried this because I am scared, it  looks dangerous, I don't want to risk my life, my bones, or damaged my skin then have some scars or keloid after just to show people I'm cool. No! I even put some SUPREME skate board on my August Mood Board.
Until I saw this photos from another blog. Maybe this was from an editorial for a magazine. Stylish girl who can skate? Who doesn't love that? Look how she glide and her skirt flows. So beautiful!! I don't want to be an ice skater now, I wan't to be like her right at this moment. Don't worry, I won't do exhibitions. What's important is to learn the basics and won't fall while moving.

Since we're talking about skating and anything already, maybe you or your friend or you know anyone who can be interested about this one.

The 3rd Pacific Kaos, Downhill Rush Skateboard Championship will be held in our province Camarines Norte. From Mercedes, Basud, and my hometown Daet. On August 30 to September 2, 2012. For more information, you can visit their facebook site here.


  1. These are amazing photos and i love the mix of floral & edgy pieces!


  2. Incredible shots! It's really inspiring!


  3. Good luck with that! xoxo


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