Friday, August 31, 2012


Ber months are already here, in Philippines it means that Christmas holidays are coming their way. But for me, "ber" months will be a little colder compare to June, July, and August. Since I'm in a tropical country, where we only have sunny or rainy season. I will prepare myself with a lightweight material cover up and the camouflage jacket is the perfect example of it. And I'm dreaming for a wedge sneakers for months now, it's better compare to leather boots. Leather booties will just make my feet so sweaty because of the thick material. You will also notice the leather skirt is still there. 
Let's move to the accessories, I'm planning to DIY the sunnies with acrylic flowers above. I already have the flowers but I'm still looking for a perfect shape sunglasses to design it with. Please help me find one. Also bought an earrings inspired to that Givenchy tusk. When you wear them you will instantly look bad ass, it gives a tunnel effect on your ear but on a fashionably way. And the bag, let's don't forget the famous Le Pliage Cuir, that's the most beautiful Longchamp bag I have ever seen! 

P.S- I'm currently addicted to Gallery Girls, a reality TV show from Bravo and I will be back again to the city tomorrow, for good. See you Manila!


  1. Yana! I am excited with your camou! :-) can't wait to see it!!

  2. I hope your DIY turns out to be a great one. I would love to learn the tips too (:

  3. I love every photo of a gal wearing an army jacket or skinny jeans but I don't think I'll be able to pull off the look!


  4. Great choices. I would love to have all but at least the camo jacket, the wedge sneakers and the leather skirt :D


  5. I love the dark lip color trend but I'm not sure how to wear it. Anyway, I like your mood board!


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