Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sundate! It's been a long time since the last time I had a date with my sister Donna plus her bff Melissa. I love spending time with them because they are fun to be with and will always give you a positive vibe. There was no dull moment earlier seriously. We have decided to spent our Sunday at Greenbelt for some change. Watching "The Perks of being a Wallflower" is our number one priority on going to the mall. If you have read and appreciated the book, I think you will like the movie also. The author Stephen Chbosky was also the director so no wonder it was faithful to the novel. Quoted from Mel!! :) 
Then what's good after shedding a tear and seeing the movie? There was a free popsicle waiting for us outside the cinema. Yey!

I hope you guys had a great Sunday too! 

And I want to share a favorite quote I got from the movie and tell me what can you say about it.
"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Photos by Donna de Belen

Thrifted Blue Cropped Blazer
Sheer Baby Collar Top from Crossings
Hollister Denim Cropped Shorts
Feet for a Queen Wedge Sneakers


  1. Can I have your blazer? Pretty please? :3 Hhahaha


  2. Wedge sneakers aren't really my cup of tea, but congrats you pulled the look off! Yay! :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

  3. Hi Diana! Been reading your blog for some quite time now and I enjoy it specially this one, I just have some q's is it comfortable to use? :)


  4. Cool sneakers but I love your jacket better! :P

  5. Nice vibe yana! :-)

  6. love ur sneakers!! :)

  7. love sneakers! I even offered two pairs this week.....

  8. love those sneakers! :) very cool :)

  9. You definitely know how to rock those sneaker wedges! Loving this outfit. :)

  10. i think this is the first time ive seen you in a casual look...and you look great!

  11. Nice location!

  12. Oh gosh love those sneakers! I was considering them in that color, you just might've convinced me now =) Gorgeous, sweetie!
    - Che

    1. Yes, we're good friends =) I bought my shorts at F21 when I visited the Phils, maybe they still have it there =) Thanks for the sweet reply! Hey, you wanna exchange follows so we could keep in touch?

  13. Following on GFC and Bloglovin as well =) Keep in touch!

  14. Nice style girl! love those sneakers.

  15. Wow! amazing look dear!
    Looove your blog! Following you also on Bloglovin now! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  16. OMG wedge sneakers! So cool. It's my first time seeing that ah :D

  17. I love this sporty look!
    Very stylish!!!
    Yes, your shoes are rockin' Diana!!!


  18. I love your wedge sneakers! Great outfit too! :D

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  19. Your wedge sneakers are so cute, did you buy it at


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