Monday, December 31, 2012


One last shot for 2012. Last year I had the same count of posts from this year. I did't know how does that happened but of course I didn't do it in purpose, if I just have the chance to make it double, I will. I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to my blogging.

For me, this year wasn't that good compared to my past years. I have so many ups and downs, it was like a roller coaster ride (literally) but it wasn't the end of the world right and life must go on. I have learned so much things with my mistakes even if I repeated some of it twice or thrice. I'm really thankful to God, my lovely family, my true friends (you know who you are), who are always there for me, who never gave up on me. And of course to you my readers who always put some smile on my face whenever my blog level up on top blogs, who left some comments, and hype me on lookbook.

So I'm really looking forward for 2013. I wore this polka dot pants and MAC Lady Danger for my lips for some luck this new year. And I will jump and jump and jump (yes, in heels) when the clock strikes 12:00 midnight. I still want to grow taller at my age, please add 2 inches to my 5 feet 4 inches height please?

I want to greet my sister/ best friend/ baby/ partner in crime/ forever kakampi/ my photographer a happy happy happy birthday to you Joyce!! I love you. <3


Photos by Donna de Belen

Forever21 Plain White V Neck Shirt
Forever21 Polka Dot Pants
Brash by Payless Black Platform Sandals
Zara Sling Purse


  1. Love your pants, D! Happy new year and may 2013 be good to all of us :)

  2. Happy 2013 yana! super ganda ng heels mo. :)

  3. i like the polka dot pants. the black and white outfit looks modern. it would also look good to add some red for accent and contrast, such as a red belt, fingernails and toe nails painted red, and red lipstick.

  4. Gaaaaaaaaah I love the hair and the pants!!

  5. Classy! I love everything Ate D, especially your shoes!!

  6. Glad I found your site at Ms Eggplants, I love your bottoms - so chic!! praying that F21 still carries them in bigger sizes. Happy 2013!


  7. Really lovely pants:)

    xx pauline

  8. Hello Diana!
    I love your outfit! ;)
    Sorry it took me so long to visit your blog.
    Keep in touch :)

    Jamie Kate


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