Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vivienne Westwood Necklace

Today, I got this beautiful Vivienne Westwood Tiny Orb Pendant all the way from Canada at the post office. I just won this necklace from a blog giveawayBeen a fan of the brand since then because of their bags I have and some clothes that I see on the runway every season. I felt so lucky after winning of course, but I felt a lot luckier upon seeing how gorgeous it is in flesh. Plus it's my first branded necklace, so I also checked the official site of Vivienne Westwood then saw it's £110 which is like almost P6,000. Shocked, I can't buy that on my own seriously. I'm so excited to wear it!!

So I am grateful to Miss Joandy of http://mystylebyjoandy.blogspot.ca/. Please visit her site, she has a great style and maybe you will be the winner of her next giveaway.


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