Thursday, December 26, 2013


 Top: Mango / Skirt: Zara TRF / Heels: Mango / Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

Photos by Donna de Belen

These are my two favorites in my wardrobe right now. The white baroque top that makes me feel clean and "mabango". And the black flair skirt that makes me feel girly and sexy. Since they are my faves, I wore them on a special day which is Christmas.
I spent time with my whole family at the de Belen's side. Ate a lot of food, as you can see my tummy was so big in the photos, we took it right after eating lunch. I can't help myself, the kare-kare and hamonada prepared by my lola is so delicious. I hope you guys also had a wonderful and merry Christmas just like mine. There's a lot of things we should be thankful.

By the way, I got the top just recently on SALE. I'm in long hunt for this kind of top. I don't know why, but I can say that it's really beautiful and very classy. Plus it's white, so you can pair it with everything. 



  1. like the basic color combination! :)

  2. Love the outfit! Love how you chose a not-so-nice backdrop for your photos to make your beautiful outfit pop out even more. Ang ganda mo :)

  3. Wow you look so rad in black and white outfit.
    The background is indeed impressive ! Nice blog ;)

  4. OMG!! your style is so on point talaga!! grabe ang ganda nito ♥ ♥

    Happy new year dear!
    Wishing you all best this year and more blessings and opportunities to come! :))


  5. I love the classic black and white! Great top - and the location is so cool =)
    - Che

  6. Love your shirt, very beautiful!


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