Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am a certified foodie, if you're following me on instagram you will know that I posts a lot of food. It's either food from outside or food that I cook at home. Every once in a while, I get into the mood on preparing or cooking a good meal, serve it with my beautiful plates, and eat it very fast. Because cooking takes so much time than eating and washing dishes after.

I usually cook pasta, because it is very easy to make. I am a nursing graduate but I am also trying hard chef. Just by googling, I managed to make this plating. Yes I am the one who made this! I was inspired by some food blogger, food enthusiasts on instagram, and most of all food pictures from Pinterest and where everything looks so perfect and yummy. Aside from being a style and fashion blogging, I also want to be a food stylist like Mylene Chung. Maybe in the future, I will have a very nice kitchen in my own house with a cupboard full of pretty and signature plates.
 Just don't forget to always eat and drink in style. Enjoy you summer everyone! :)

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  1. not only does that look tasty, i love the simplicity of the plating! :D

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