Monday, February 21, 2011

Sandwich Guy

My friend Chigo invited me yesterday to try this Sandiwch Guy in SM North Edsa. 
I'm loving bread lately especially wheat bread rather than rice. So, I accepted his invitation. 

 It was my first time to eat there, so I asked them what's their best seller. I ordered HBLT, obviously that means Ham Bacon Lettuce Tomato, sounds healthy except for the bacon. And they serve all their sandwiches in wheat bread, better!! You can visit their website here.
 The lettuce made it more appealing to me. 
Actually, I'm a veggie lover at all times! I can eat all kind of vegetables. My favorites are Ampalaya, Okra, and Radish. YUUUM!!!
 Don't you love the colorful scarf on my head? :D



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