Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Legazpi with Love

Uniform: We are all wearing Giordano polo shirt.

Airplane mode. Sister was still trying to read her notes. Mission failed because of fatigue.

This week, my sister and I went home (Bicol). Because we urgently need to renew our passport.
8 hours sitting in the bus at night going there, we didn't  have a good sleep due to super cold air conditioned Amihan bus. After arriving at Daet, Camarines Norte early in the morning, we prepared for another 4 hour drive with Mama, Papa and a driver going to Legazpi, Albay. When we got there, we just had our Jollibee breakfast and went straight to DFA. Waited for like 2-3 hours just to have our picture taken. After finishing that, went straight in the airport to buy tickets going back to Manila at the same day.
Imagine that? Less than 24 hours and we're back in Metro again.

It was like this:

9PM- 5AM | Manila to Daet, CN
6AM- 10AM | Daet, CN to Legazpi, Albay
10AM- 12NN | DFA
12NN- 1:15PM | Buy tickets and had Lunch
1:15PM- 2PM | Checked-in and waited for the plane
2:30PM- 3:30PM | Legazpi to Manila

But I'm still glad that we spent time with Mama and Papa, I love them so much!


  1. How come I don't have that shirt? :(

  2. next time i'd better get the plane then... it's faster!!! hate zig zag roads and stops to eat :/


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