Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I love SASSA!

After some very toxic duties in POC. I'm glad that my swimsuit from Sassa's new collection has arrived yesterday. My summer must have is almost complete! :) THANK YOU Sassa for sending me this.
Sassa is one of my favorite swim wear brand because they carry out cute, stylish and very affordable pieces.

I bought my first Sassa board shorts when I was in high school, and I can use it until now. The second one is funky blue green bra that I always pair with my J.Crew orange bikini. Third is a white maillot that I got from their event last year. And the photos from above are my latest one, plus it has a cute scrunchy. I like that even in the province, small department stores have their brand. I'll make another post for their latest collection this Summer 2011, so you can check out what's hot for you!! 

Argh, so excited with the break and vacation. Get ready to hit the beach Diana babe. It means less food intake, good thing it's Lenten Season, need to limit and sacrifice.


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  2. Hi Iana, how are you? I love reading your blog you're so up to fashion :) Love the way you wear your clothes too; its just so fab! -gaze


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