Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Bonus

10 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Woohoo, I'm sure all of you are so excited for the holidays like me. This is the season of giving and receiving gifts from your friends, family, and love ones. So, I want to share you what I received this month as a gift or pasalubong.

These H&M tassle earrings are from my brother and sis-in-law. The pink one is mine and the black is for my sister. But I'm the one who will use the black first, HAHA! KASKADE at Republiq tonight. :P
"Blogger"  leather bracelet given to me by my sister. We got this from BEAD SHOP. You can choose different kinds of bracelet, like plain leather or jelly. Wide or thin. You can also customize what you want to write on the brass metal, order and get it within 3 working days.
Another helping book for me, yehey! :) Addition to my collection of fashion related books. It looks so beautiful, colorful and full of pictures. It's an inspirational book from world's top bloggers like my favorites; Sea of Shoes, The Glamourai, Karla's Closet and many more.

More more please :)


  1. ooohhh! i love the leather and brass combo! I want one too! =)

  2. oooh! nice pasalubongs! i want some too :( hahaha



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