Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Lippies

 I love wearing lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss or what so ever color for my lips. Because I don't know how to put eye make up, that's why. I don't wanna look pale, and lip color will give me an instant boost of aura.
Yesterday, these cute lippies arrived. I got so excited to open it. Pink shades are  really addicting, I think pink looks good on me rather than red or darker shades. 

NYX Antwerp. My favorite at the moment because its matte. 

MODELS OWN Deep Fuschia. I didn't open it yet, maybe I'll try it tomorrow. One at a time! But It's like barbie-ish pink color.

Special thanks to Alex of Face Glam Cosmetics who sent these to me. Thank you so much!!
If you want to order, you can visit her sites, you can see more make up products.
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  1. Looks good. :) I wanna try those out.


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