Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beijing Day 1

 NI HAO!  It was my first time in Beijing and I traveled with my whole family including my sister-in-law. I know everyone was so excited for this. It's spring there and it was the best season to travel in China. Wooooh! It was cold, but tolerable. Perfect temperature for a minimal layering.
 Keeping up with the de Belens? Yeah! We visited Great Wall of China. It was so beautiful! We've tried to climb up to the second tower, but it wasn't easy. My legs got shaky upon going down. Not because I'm scared of heights, it was just really tiring.

 I'm like the bird who fly out from the nest. Beijing Olympic stadium behind me was amazing. We didn't had the chance to see the inside look. But I'm glad, I've seen the stadium that was used during Beijing Olympic 2008.


  1. Love the family photo! Joman looking so dashing and you looking so beautiful too! :)

  2. oh wow D! lovely pics! i'm sure you all had fun :)



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