Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beijing Day 2

 Forbidden City. Arghh! The place is so so so big. It's impossible for us to see the whole place, I think you need 2 days to make it possible. You can really feel the Dynasty vibe in this area. The architecture is amazing and beautiful.
 If you will hold that gold buttons on the gate, it was cold. I think everything was cold in that place except for the wood.
 The only place in the Palace where you can see trees and flowers. Leslie (our tour guide) said that it was the garden, where the emperor lounge with his mistress while sipping tea.
 Had dinner at McDonald's. I love their spicy chicken fillet burger. I feel so hot while eating eat. Nom nom! Btw, the fries bucket have nutrition facts at the side. Philippines should do that too, so people will be aware on how many calories are there in their medium or large fries.
Those are the exotic foods! Gaaah, I didn't try them. NO WAY! I don't wanna eat scorpions or seahorse.

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