Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beijing Day 3

 This was our last whole day stay in Beijing. No more tour guide for this. So we did this on our own. Thanks for the map and to my Kuya who can speak a little of Mandarin. Sunday was spent in Temple of Heaven and shopping. Checked out some stores and brands that we don't have here in Philippines. And bought some pasalubong also.
 My younger sister Donna. Channeling Alexa Chung but end up like Sussie from Style Bubble HAHA
Kuya Joman loving Karl Lagerfeld. Don't you love his total look? Very "Athlethenique" :)

On our way to Joy City that surely gave more joy to our faces. I bought my outfit for my birthday here. Since my birthday is April and summer, I bought something cool to my body and to others eyes.
Oh, we also tried Happy Lemon. And it was cheap. I think it was half the price compare to our price here.


  1. You have fashionable siblings! i guess it runs in the family!

    Am lovin yer scarf!!!!

    The Sakura is so lovely! So lucky of you to see, touch and even smell it. :)

    1. Ohhhh, it's you Zoeeeee!!

      Yeah, I think we have the same interest.

      And the Sakura? Hmm, doesn't smell good or no scent at all. It was just beautiful.


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