Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jose Panganiban Love

These photos was taken in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte. That place was very memorable to me. When we were still young, my siblings and cousins always go there and play. We called it "Tabing Dagat", It's a very peaceful and calm water, where you can just sit, chat and watch the sunset. I will surely never forget the memories that I had in this place. True happiness I can say. My whole family from the side of my mother can testify that.

What I wore from this post was the top that I got from PROMOD. Remember the giveaway that I won from Lissa Kahayon? Click HERE if not. This neon top got my attention from the rest of the collection because the color is shocking plus the cut is not normal, the rest are so plain. Thanks Lissa Kahayon and Promod!! :) 

Neon Top - Promod
Denim Jacket - Mango
Black Bandage Skirt - Forever21
Heels - CMG

Photos by Donna


  1. Just gorgeous! :) Love the neon top!

    1. Thanks Carmi. :D Where's yours? Blog soon wearing the dress. :P

  2. So pretty!! I love the top and your shoes <3

  3. i love your denim jacket!

    BEAUTIFUL shots!!!


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