Thursday, June 21, 2012


NEW IN. I'm still here in our small town Daet guys, but is it amazing that I got these two items here? 

Lace shorts from KOKAK, they describe their store as "Fashion for the full-figured fashionista". I think the store was really built for me. Kidding! What I meant is, most of the clothes in tiangge are too small. I can't fit on their free size clothes, maybe they measured it from a petite chinese girl from China. Haha! This boutique was new here, so I decided to visit the store and see what's inside. Upon entering the store, I can tell that the products are well chosen and not baduy. From shoes, bags, accessories, etc. :)

Vintage Casio digital watch. I got this watch from here also. Yes, you read it right. I'm looking for this kind of watch for a year now and I can't find any in Manila. So I got really surprised that I will find this here. Actually, I want the gold one, but they don't have it in gold. I don't wanna be "choosy" so I bought it right away.

P.S - I'm planning to wear the shorts for the fun run on Sunday. The cut was like a running shorts so maybe I can wear it. What do you guys think? :))


  1. I wish to find that watch in gold. :)I miss you ate!

  2. i like the lace shorts! ^-^

  3. Lace shorts for FUN RUN??? why NOT???? so fab!
    my friend sells Casio watches.
    and yes, she has GOLD one too!
    BBM me if you're interested.


  4. Lovely lace shorts, seriously, and I know about the bazaars, sizes are usually either very small or big :( and sweet casio watch!
    - Che

  5. i love both items!!:) super cool<3
    have a great day xx

  6. I love your Lace shorts! Super nice find! :)


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