Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi dolls! I've been thinking about make up class lately. I want to learn how to put make up on my own, I think it is essential in every girl like me. But I'm still confuse because of some reasons. Like I don't know where should I enroll for classes, I don't want to enroll on some expensive school because I just want to learn the basic make up 101. And how about the make up products that I will use in classes? Another expenses, right? So I'm still thinking about it.
Yesterday, I was too bored and tried to experiment in putting some colors on my face. It was very simple and basic. What I use are the ff:

1. Mac Studio Fix Foundation "NC35" - for my face, it really covered some dark spots on my face
2. Ever Bilena "dark brown" Color Pencil - for my brows, I have light and thin eye brows, so I really need this
3. CoverGirl Lash Blast Infusion Mascara - I am using washable mascara because water proof mascara is so hard to remove
4. Prestige TOTAL Intensity Eyeliner in brown - from beauty bar. This product is really intense. I put this on my upper and lower lids. Goes on super thick and dark and lasts forever. Nothing compares
5. Mac Marquise d’ Lipstick - from their Wonder Woman collection; semi-sheer pinky-nude with soft champagne sheen

The photo above was taken using an Instagram. I'm a newbie wannabe, so feel free to follow me: dianadebelen is my username.


  1. Hello ate jean, i am your avid blog reader. I think I might have fallen in love with you

    Sincere apologies,


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