Sunday, June 2, 2013


Six days ago, I posted a photo just like what's above at my instagram account. I'm asking people to help me in deciding what to get between the two shoes. The New Balance 574 or the Zara leather heels? I know the styles are far different from each other for me to be confused. Some people said to buy the heels because it's really sexy, some told me to get both. Yeah, it really came to the point that I want to buy the two. But most of my friends replied to get the sneakers, because they know that I'm always working out and running as often. But the reason why I wanted to buy that sneakers is just for walking and not for training purposes. And it's really not practical to buy them at the same time, for me it's too much. I'm not impulsive as that. Haha.
After how many days of contemplating, I already decided to buy the sneakers when I get back to Manila. 

Now that I already picked the sneakers over the heels. The budget left for it is now competing for three items. Of course the heels is still there, I' in love with it. Don't worry, I'll try you first before paying the New Balance sneakers. 
Anyways, let's proceed to the new problem. I don't know what to avail on my left savings now between the three. Which one of them worth the money that I got? Is it still the Zara leather heels (a classic one), or The XX concert in Manila (on July 30 and maybe a once in a lifetime experience), or the Nikon 50mm lens (that I can use for more better photos in my blog)? 

Let me know what are your opinions for the stuff I'm lusting this month guys.
It's really hard to choose so I will really appreciate everyone's opinion. Thank you! 


  1. Oh this is such a hard choice :) I would say the lens is probably your best bet!


  2. Go for 50 mm Nikon Lens! Para more selfie! haha

  3. Agree kay Kuya Pat! ze lens para more selfie! lol :)) You can use it more often than the other stuff. ;)

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

  4. If I were to chose, I'd buy The XX tickets. I can always save up again for those shoes or the camera lens. But The XX might never come back to the Philippines ever again!

  5. Such a hard choice after reading your reasoning. I love the heels though ^^

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    Thank youuuu <3


  6. definitely the lens because it's very worth it!!!

  7. oh man... those are some hard decissions!:) i would now pick the zara heels:P lol
    i bet you will regret not buying them when they're sold out!!! lots of love xx

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  9. hi i think i feel the same as your contemplation on these things. but i think the nikon 50 mm lens would be the best since it would help you a lot in your photography as well as blogging (me being a photography fan myself)

  10. Oh well, I think I am leaning to the lens. But the zara sandals are toooo cute to resist!

    with love, Cassandra xx

  11. such a difficult choice between the zara heels and the 50mm! but id go for the lens. its my default lens for my blog photos :)

    xx toni


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