Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Before everything else, I just want to tell you all that I'm still in ecstasy because of what I've experienced from Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013, held at World Trade Center last September 24, 2013. My friend Marvin surprised me that Tuesday afternoon and got me into the guest list for the last minute. It was an offer no one could not accept, right? Thank you so much my friend. Of course I have to bring a +1 and that was absolutely my sister.
 The Cosmo University Party was hosted by Tricia Centenera, she was the hottest Dean I've ever seen. I also love how she makes everything sizzles. 
I really tried my best to have some great shots from the event, but it was quite hard because I can say, good girls really gone bad. I took 200+ photos but run it down to 30+. But don't worry, I chose the yummiest viands of all.
So girls, let's get is started. Ready your rice and atchara now. There's a lot of "ulam" to choose from, just scroll down and your eyes will get satisfied.
Appetizers from Century Tuna men. Don't you love men in jersey shorts? Lol
Next was Kojie-San men. Take those pants off guys.
Wooot wooot!! It's raining men in Cosmo U, hallelujah. Since I'm a nurse, I'm willing to do a thorough physical assessment on each and everyone.
Cutie alert. Grrrrr!
Luke Landrigan, why don't you surf into this big wave of girls?
If Hideo Muroaka was your professor, I know every college girls will never miss their class in school. Who wants to stay with him in that sneaky library?
Well hello there Mister in Blue Green undies. I just want to pull down those suspenders. Haha
Vin Abrenica, younger brother of Aljur! It's surely in the genes. He's one of my crush from #Cosmo69 video.
Can't believe Albie Casino's bod is so sexy. The perfect V!
Can you blow his whistle? Of course I will! Just for my Daniel "Kenji" Matsunaga. I can still remember our moment in Greenbelt.
Seeing double? Yes you're right. That's Anthony and  David Semerad. Basketball varsity players of San Beda Red Lions.
Looks like UP Oblation Run for me, but more decent. I wanna spank those butts.
de Belens sisters are absolutely having fun. Look at our smiles. :D
Aljur Abrenica doing his Blurred Lines. You're an animal!
I'm drooling on Sam Adjani. I put three photos of him, "walang tapon".
Who wants to play ball with Cosmo U MVP Vince Ferrarin?
JC de Vera kneels down on every side of the stage so girls can feel his abs. Very generous huh!
And a photo from my instagram account, Wesley and I. <3. I'm such a supportive girlfriend. CHOZ! You can follow me @dianadebelen :)
Top: Zara / Skater Skirt: Divisoria / Nude Heels: Mango / Necklace: Forever21 / Bag: Balenciaga

After finishing the show, I just earned a degree from Cosmo University. Congratulations to me!


  1. Lots of wafu guys! :) Lucky you!! :D

  2. OMG! You're so swerte you're able to attend. Crossing my fingers for next year. After the baby (currently preggers). Love your look by the way. The skirt!!!! Seriously? Divisoria?? High-low dressing ftw girl!

  3. Yummy post. Tinalo pa ata mga food blog posts mo. Hahaha!! =)))

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

  4. you look soooo good here, Diana! sobrang nakakajelly lang! hahaha i wish my hubby would let me attend these events, but unfortunately parang off limits na daw. lol! good for you though!



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