Monday, September 30, 2013


Dress: Zara TRF / Jacket: H&M / Shoes: H&M / Aviators: Bangkok / Watch: Michael Kors

 It's been a long time since my sister and I had a sundate like this. Really miss going to the mall with her, watch a movie, then eat somewhere. I thought she was in the mood to rest in studying for a day, so I invited her to catch the movie Insidious part 2 with me. She was the one who was with me too when I watched the first part and I guess there's a part 3 coming. Expect it guys, I'm sure with that.

But before the movie starts, we had our late lunch at this very dainty full of Cath Kidston stuff Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. They are not just selling cupcakes, but they are also a cafe serving rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, and a lot of cool drinks served in mason jars. My sister ordered salisbury steak at first but it wasn't available anymore, so she had BBQ ribs instead just like mine. Very tasty and delicious, my taste buds are really satisfied. All of their cupcakes are enticing right? But we didn't order anymore because I think it's too much if we did. Maybe next time when I get back again, tea party with my girls.
It was my sister's first time here. From food to the cute interior and furniture, I know she had a nice experience. Look at our chair! We felt like we were the Queen B sisters that moment and just wanna say to everyone who came that "you can't sit with us." Lol just kidding. Hashtag feelingera.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is located at M2 Level of TriNoma Mall (between North Ave. and Edsa), Quezon City

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  1. Love your outfit! You look effortlessly cool :) Love your blog!


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