Friday, February 11, 2011

Dhon Jason & Dhon Joman's Birthday

If you are wondering who are they, well, they are my brothers. They're not twins, its just happen that Kuya Joman was born on the same birth date of the eldest (Kuya Jason) after 3 years. FEBRUARY 11!! :-)

My Mama arrived this morning from Bicol and surprised us. I missed her so much!
We just had a laid back celebration for dinner, we ordered Fiesta Pack from Goldilocks and brought it to Kuya Jason and Ate Cocoy's  new apartment.
 Their inspiration board. I'm planning to have one too!

 Every time my parents visits us here in Manila, we show them our photo stories of what we do.

 Kuya Jason's super kulit barkada. Since Kindergarten until now.

 My family minus Papa because he was left in our province.

Haha, it's kinda chic cake. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 2 KUYA! I love you both. xx

Jean Jean


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