Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's nice to have a FRIEND who speaks my language....


K was the first girl who became my friend when I transferred school in Makati. We enrolled at the same day and I find her really pretty. I didn't expect that she will be my classmate and friend. Because I thought that she's like a mahinhin and smart girl who can't understand my craziness. But actually she's bakla too!! We really understand each other. We have the same interest in fashion. I admire her so much because she has beauty and brain, that's why I gave her a nickname "GIBA", a female version of G1BO (galing at talino). :)

I'll share some photos of us together.
(Me and Krizia, our group of friends crashed a party somewhere near Rockwell after we f*cked up ourselves in McKinley Hill.) I asked her here to do a bitch like pose. LOL
I love her freckled face xx
At a reception of Jaine & JP's wedding, the bride is the sister of our bitch friend, Ruby.
She was so landi that night, we were just gonna attend a concert for our school fund raising event. And she still wore a striking red dress, me just denim shorts and comfy top from H&M.

Outside school, waiting for a ride. When we are in uniform (college shirt). HAGGARD FACES.

D and R really miss you a lot! Can you please go back at our section? 

 you K. XOXO

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