Monday, May 23, 2011


Who doesn't love thrift shop? Every fashionista, stylish person visited ukay-ukay! It's the place to be where you can get one of a kind pieces in a very low prices. For me, thrift shop is a vault full of treasure. But sometimes, we're so lazy to treasure hunt because of so full racks, or we can't handle the heat or smell of it. So here I am, interviewed Lemondrops, a store that will cater you nice vintage clothes with no fuss.

What is Lemondrops?

Lemondrops  is a clothing store that sells all vintage pieces with a twist of a modern or contemporary fashion. Garments are previously worn but is promised with a good quality , a good value and of course, a good style.

How did Lemondrops started?

I first started selling my old clothes at our village through garage sales and then saw the potential of it at the internet. And with zero investment, last February 20, 2011, I tried it with my best clothes left for sale. My first buyers was my friends then eventually, girls would look for more na. That's when my collections began and from there, my boyfriend supported me already. We now manage it together due to the busy schedule that I have that I need to cope up. 

How and when did you guys meet?

We met through common friends at a get together at a grill at BF last year. We were introduced to each other and then became really good friends. Never actually thought we would become a couple nga eh, cause I used to call him baby bro way back. He's younger than me that's why. But then.. love happened and everything changed. 

Price range of your clothing

We're very friendly when it comes to putting prices. Imagine, you can have a piece from us for as low as 120! The highest amount so far we've sold was for 230 and thats for those nice dresses. 

Who are your usual buyers?

Most of them are teenagers from different schools/universities around South. But now, with our market growth, we also cater employees and moms too.

What sizes or body shapes/built of clothes do you offer?

We have sizes for everyone. Its just that usually, our pieces are more on for medium framed girls. 

Where do you usually shop?

For our shop, we have a supplier that's giving us clothes for us to sell. But at times we would still look around Metro and spot if there are some good picks we could add. 

The couple behind Lemondrops

Name: Ma Alyssa Beatrice Nacor (Bea)/  Javier Alfonso Geronimo (Pappu)

Age: 18 years old/ 17 years old

School/ Occupation: 4th year Entrepreneurship student at Southville International Schools and Colleges, Owner/Fashion stylist of Lemondrops Clothing and Trainee at one of Villar's group of Corporations

2nd year Marketing student at San Beda College of Alabang, Owner/Shoot photographer of Lemondrops Clothing 

"The heat is on collection"

If you wanna contact them. You can visit their official site HERE
or follow them on Twitter,!/LMNDRPS

Thanks Bea for sending me some of your pieces! :) 
One FACT about me: I am an Ukay Queen. Just so you know. 
So Lemondrops is kinda inspiring for me. I want a business like this, I'm just too busy bee with school.
Hope you guys like this post! Keep on reading. xx


  1. thanks for sharing about this online store. will check on it :)

  2. Looks like a cool shop, I'll check it out! Xx.


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