Friday, June 3, 2011

Fast & Furious 5

 Finally, after a very long time. My sister came back from Bicol, I missed her to the maxx. I was all alone in our room for the whole summer, and it wasn't good. And most of all, I'm MIA, no updates, sorry guys. Because she's my photographer, she brought the camera with her. I'm glad that she's back, more happiness when we are together. And more posts! Promise. :)

As a celebration of her come back. We decided to spent time together and go out. We had watch Fast & Furious 5. And it was so COOOL!! 

And this is what I wore in Trinoma
 H&M Knitted Long Sleeves
American Eagle Denim Cut Offs
CMG Leather Sandals
Multicolor Rubber Bangles from Singapore
Forever21 Sunglasses

And we had early dinner at Fish & Co. Yum yum!! :)

 Simple Spaghetti
Fish Burger with chips on side



  1. Oh wow! I so want to watch Fast and the Furious 5 but we still haven't. Hope soon.

    Love your outfit so much by the way. Hugs!

  2. Great outfit!!

    So hungry now!

    You have a great blog, wanna follow each other?


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