Monday, May 16, 2011

Ms. Hawkins is back!

Ms. Hawkins is my "BB", that's what we call each other. She came back from Australia just because she missed us so much. Sweet girl! Kath arrived that day and party right away at night. 

We went to Attica instead of 7th High, I dunno why. And by the way, look at the first photo. Have you seen what we ordered? Yeah, red wine. It was like, DUH? Riza wants wine so she will not get fat! So for me, okay no problem. And when we transferred to ICON, they drank so many Jack Daniels after all!
Usually, I'm the one who is always drunk. But that night, my 2 girls are so fucked up. I ended up as BB's yaya. 
SUPER FUN though. Finally, we are back together after how many months!
Love those girls. xx

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