Friday, February 15, 2013

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy La Fleur

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy La Fleur. Last year, during the month of December, there was a lot of blog giveaway going on and I really joined every giveaway as possible, as long that I like the product and I can comply to the mechanics. On that holiday season, I just finished my bottle of perfume and I really want to buy a new one so I can have something to use in some parties and gatherings. But I didn't make it happen because perfume is really expensive, I have money that time but I don't want to spend it all to one bottle of perfume. Besides almost all the perfumes I had in my life was just a gift from a guy or pasalubong from a relative abroad, except for the Moschino Happy that I bought from a sale. That's why it's hard for me to buy right away. 

Then this blog giveaway from Earthling Gorgeous came, maybe this is the answer to my problem. So I tried my luck by sending a photo of me wearing something with a floral inspiration just like this perfume. I waited for like half month, January 1 of 2013 on the first day of the year she announced the winner. While scrolling down, there you go I saw my picture on her blog saying I was the winner! I feel so lucky on that morning by winning a 40ml bottle worth of  P3,400. I really feel that this year was for me because of this perfume and the necklace that I got from a Canadian blogger (Click here). No, I'm not hoarding all the giveaway ha! :) I'll share to you my secret in joining, I just always answered questions with all my heart if there's a question or send my best shot when they need something like a photo, or maybe just a pure luck when they do a random raffle.

Let's focus on the perfume now. On my own olfactory perception, it's very light, very lady like, or what I imagined wearing on a date. I'm not good or an expert when it comes to reviewing a certain perfume. But according to Juicy Couture site, they say that Viva La Juicy La Fleur is flirty and feminine, bright and whimsical. 

Topnote: Wild Berries, Sparkling Mandarin, Waterlily
Midnote: Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Soft Jasmine
Drydown: Caramel, Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood

So I want to say THANK YOU to Miss Earth of and of course Juicy Couture Philippines.


  1. Oh wow Congratulations! You are very lucky! That's the way to have a VDay!
    You could also win this giveaway

  2. Congratulations D! Love that you love the perfume! :)

  3. CONGRATS Diana!
    i checked your winning pic, you can actually pass as an ambassadress of the JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy La Fleur.
    nice one! ;)

  4. congrats! :))
    anyway, i have an on-going giveaway on my blog dear! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet :)

    Rae :">

  5. hello dear! yes, okay lang yun! good luck! :DD

  6. aww sweety, thank you so much for your cute comment:) yes a lot people think i'm filipino too hihi, i guess vietnameses and filipinos have a lot in common hihi.
    btw. i've heard a lot about this juicy couture perfume... i think i should try it out next time i get my hands on it;)
    lots of love xx

  7. such a lovely blog, i just followed you, care o follow back?

    xoxo from Dubai,


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