Thursday, February 28, 2013

PREVIEW March 2013 Jodi Sta Maria

Look at that lady, she doesn't age, she doesn't even look like a mom. I don't buy magazines anymore because I think it's just a waste of money, everything in magazines can be seen in web or blogs right now. But this Preview March 2013 issue with Jodi Sta. Maria on the cover is an exception. I would definitely buy this one, not because I'm an avid fan of her, but I just admire her personality. She looks so pretty and classy, which is really true in real life. But her swimsuit, hat, and backdrop which are all bold black & white stripes made a very big impact to me. I'm in love with the cover! This season it became a trend illustrated well by the Marc Jacobs Spring runway. I can say, this coming seasons are a little back to basics. Even Zara carried some stripes on their current collection.

She's now a cover girl of my favorite local fashion magazine. Is this her first Preview cover? Not sure with that, but I think so. She really deserved this shot. Her show "Be Careful with my Heart" is phenomenal. If you didn't know Maya and Sir Chief love team then you're missing a lot.


  1. She looks great!!! And the art direction by Vince Uy is spot on! Loves it!


  2. I totally agree with you!
    Jodi doesn't seem to age! She looks the same -prettier even.
    I think the cover is really stunning! Preview is always fashion forward.

    Thanks for sharing this, i'll grab one later!

    miss you Diana!



  3. super ganda nya!

    gosh yana, i just drew something like this last week. hahaha!

  4. I looooove her swimsuit!! The lines are amazing! <3

  5. perfect look!!! love her swimsuit:)) thanks for your sweet comment!!

  6. Indeed! She looks younger than ever:)

    xx pauline

  7. Okay, obsessed with that swimsuit! LOVE!!



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